Re: ARIA presentations at CSUN?

I am currently working on a set of screencasts around building an
accessible application using ARIA.  My current plan for CSUN is to show
authors how to use the ARIA markup on a complete web application so that
pieces of the API can be articulated in the
context of a fully working application.

I am definitely interested to coordinate with others planning presentations.

Thomas Logan

On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 7:01 PM, Michael Cooper <> wrote:

>  The deadline for proposals for next year's CSUN conference<>is 17 October 2007. I want to check if anyone in the PFWG is planning to do
> presentations on ARIA. It would be best for us to maximize our impact and
> coordinate to make sure we don't end up with two very similar proposals, but
> rather make sure all the presentations complement each other. If you will be
> submitting a proposal to CSUN would you mind replying to this message with a
> sentence or two about what you plan to do? Michael --
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