Re: Developer Education in Accessibility

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for the organization suggestions.

Note to all: my hope is that this site is created by all of us from the 
very beginning, and is something we 'own' together.  That's why it looks 
so raw right now.


Aaron Leventhal wrote:
> Hi David,
> For organization how about:
> Basics of Web 2.0 Accessibility
>    Keyboard navigation
>    Semantics with WAI-ARIA
>    Dealing with high contrast themes
> JavaScript Widget Accessibility Tutorials
>    Checkbox
>    Slider
> AJAX Accessibility
>    Live region introduction
>    Chat example
>    Scoreboard example
> Other resources
>    WAI-ARIA specification
>    Browser documentation
>    WAI-ARIA Best Practices
> In general once you get enough content to make the site credible, I 
> would start asking others who have content if they would be willing to 
> move some over.
> As far as content that I've written, on etc., 
> we'll have to ask Mozilla. In some cases it might be good just to 
> provide links to other wiki docs.
> - Aaron

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