Re: [DHTML Style Guide] auto-complete widget proposal

Chris wrote:

> Maybe this is implementation detail but should we qualify that the 
> list of matching items (results) must be reasonably limited?

I have modified my position after thinking about this a bit more.  
Context is important here.  If the user is expecting to be offered the 
most likely hits based on what they've typed, then the widget should 
offer the "top ten" hits.  If they are not satisfied with those, a 
gesture should bring up all possible results.  A concrete example is the 
Google search bar showing the top ten results.  If I hit return without 
selecting any of them, I go to a page that lists all matches (to be 
precise:  a set of pages that lists all matches).

However, if the user is not expecting the most likely results, or if the 
context entails that the most likely results are not desired, then the 
list should show all the results.  An example here is  an address form, 
and the widget is for the, say, the country portion of the address.  The 
user does not expect nor want the "top ten countries" (there's no such 
thing), but all the countries whose names match what they have typed 
thus far.


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