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ere are other alernatives, it might be worth stating why they 
aren't used in the Doc so we don't have to dig up why one 
sequence was chosen over another when someone later down the road 
come along and decides to  re-analyze and review what we have 
done. The below states the following:
- my key prefrence [barring more input]
- 2 other aternatives I don't recommend
- given in order of prefrence

1. I would prefer seekng ESC used as the key sequence for 
dismissing a tab.
	= Reason: It is he "dismiss" key when an Alt+F4
	 application dissmiss isn't
	= Note: I missed the discusson on why this couldn't
	 be, was it a  Alt+Tab type of conflict issue
	 [i.e. the browse already use ESC]?

2. Another, albeit "old school", way of doing it would be to add 
the close glyph to the Tab order so it can gain focus.

3. Alt+Del is associated with shutdown [good] but Zob out [space 
ot] once, go into key press autopilot then, accidently let your 
nueral pathways take charge and all of a sudden an Alt+Cntrl+Del 
and *system* shutdown occurs.
	Reason not prefer: Perhaps a far fetched sceario
	 is presented above but which has a lesser impact
	 overall on the user if the key or equenceis pressed?

   A. Alt+Del is close to Alt+Cntrl+Del "system shutdown"
   B. Cntrl+F4 [not proposd] is close to Alt+F4 but has lesser
      impact because i only effcts one apliation
   C. Esc works at the very local level - dismiss dialog,
      menu and off, minimum disr4uption to user if accidently used.

Apologies for these late notes and possibly opening anoher can of 
worms. I was not involved in the final design discussions on that 
[possibly] led to he consideration and tossing of these 3 as 
final solutions.


Evans, Donald wrote:

> The recommendation from the DHTML Style Group was:
> alt-del - When deletion is allowed, with focus anywhere within the tab
> panel, pressing alt-del will delete the current tab and tab panel from
> the tabbed interface control. If additional tabs remain in the tabbed
> interface, focus goes to the next tab in the tab list. An alternative to
> providing a keystroke to close a tab is to provide a context menu that
> is associated with the tab title. When focus is on the tab, pressing
> shift-F10 or pressing the right mouse button will open a context menu
> with the close choice 
> I have added the recommendation for Shift-F10...
> ---don
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> I implemented a context menu for closable tabs in the dojo tab
> container. 
> See the second tab panel example on [1]. The tabs with title "first" and
> "third" are closable. Pressing shift-F10 with focus on these tabs will
> bring up a context menu with "close".  If a tab is closable, pressing
> the delete key with focus on the title will delete the tab.  I thought
> this is what the style guide group had decided upon?  Although it would
> be nice if there was a way to indicate to the screen reader user that a
> tab (or any other item) was deletable without having the use the
> shift-F10 discovery mechanism. 
> I based my implementation decision on the  DHTML Style Guide June 29,
> 2007 meeting minutes [2]: 
> TW: options other than DELETE - CTRL+F4 a possibility, have to get
> comments on that - what we are saying is context menu and keyboard
> shortcut combo fine - great if had property so didn't have to use
> context menu, but maybe that's phase 2 So perhaps we made a decision but
> just didn't record it in the style guide?
> [1]
> st_TabContainer.html
> [2]
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> wrote on 02/28/2008 03:06:06 PM:
>>In the Best Practices we have a dangling question:
>>Unresolved at time of port from DHTML wiki: How to indicate that a tab
>>panel can be deleted? Visually a close icon can be provided in the 
>>upper right hand corner of the tab which the user can click on to 
>>delete the tab panel. Putting this close icon in the navigation 
>>sequence would make extra navigation. Is there some way to indicate to
>>a non-visual user that a tab panel can be deleted with a defined 
>>keystroke? Perhaps we can capture ctrl-w (the key used in Firefox and 
>>IE 7) to close a tab? T * here is still the issue of the user knowing 
>>that the tab is closable or not. Another option is to provide a 
>>context menu. With focus on the tab title the user would press shift- 
>>F10 to invoke a context menu - the context menu would have the close 
>>option. In both of these cases if the tab can not be closed, it still 
>>needs to capture the keystroke so that it doesn't get bubbled up and 
>>handled by the browser. Retrieved from " 
>>Could you get this on the agenda for the Style Guide Group to suggest 
>>a preferred user experience?
>>/satisfying ACTION-101
>>PS:  I didn't immediately find an answer at 

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