Re: ALT issue redux

Hi Al,

> <reasoning>
> 1.  By the principles, HTML5 wants to support accessibility
> 2.  By their charters, WAI groups (here WCAG) are the go-to
> experts in matters of accessibility
> 3.  WCAG requires @alt (WCAG1) or the function that in HTML4
> is provided by @alt (WCAG2)  [editorial note -- add links]
> 4.  By the principles, if it 'tain't broke, don't fix it.
> 5.  Conclusion:  barring the introduction of three fresh good
> reasons for a change, the failure of the HTML5 draft to make
> @alt on <img> an across-the-board requirement (even if sometimes
> it has the value of &quot;&quot;) is a bug.  Or do you have
> reasons?
> </reasoning>
> Does this work for you?

Yes. This is an excellent outline.

>> HTML5 must support WCAG.

> That statement sounds obvious enough. On the other
> hand there are many ways HTML can 'support' WCAG,
> and the devil is in the details.

Gez Lemon is absolutely right in his assessment of details,
conformance and flexibility when he says:
> I'm sure most people that are insisting that an alternate is provided
> are flexible on exactly how it is provided-  the point is that they
> want to see something required for conformance. At the moment, not
> only is no method at all required for conformance, but the draft
> outlines circumstances where it's considered unreasonable for an
> author to provide an alternate for non-text content; that isn't
> acceptable, and is what should be immediately addressed by WAI. It's
> understandable to allow them the creativity to address the problem,
> providing there is insistence that they do actually address the
> problem.

> Do you consider that the most recent draft response makes this
> point adequately?
> <quote
> cite="
> ">
> WCAG WG is chartered to set Accessibility guidelines and HTML
> WG is not; so HTML5 should be careful to create features that support
> WCAG and describe their use in ways that conform to WCAG.
> </quote>

A point on the experts needing to work together and listen to one
another would be a helpful addition to this statement. HTML5 WG
actually seeking accessibility advice from WAI, as well as the WAI
offering accessibility advice on a regular on-going basis would be
most beneficial to process improvement.

Again thank you very much, for moving the ALT issue forward on the
Protocols and Formats WG's agenda and for listening. It is much

Best Regards,

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