Re: [style guide] tabpanel questions

> Q1: If the focus goes to the tab and not into the associated tabpanel, 
> how
> does the user, from the keyboard, move the focus into the active tabpanel
> from the active tab? 

For what it's worth, dojo's (dijit's) keyboard handling of tabpanel uses 
TAB to move from the tab into the page itself [1].  Thus, it's analogous 
to how toolbars work -- TAB to the toolbar/tabs, arrow among the 
tools/tabs, TAB away from the toolbar/tabs.

> Q2: The style guide presently discusses how a user would activate a 
> 'delete'
> operation on a tab ...
> Do you have a user-experience feature for how the user would discover that
> a given tab can be deleted?  Or markup/DOM/API concept?

Dojo has a "closable" attribute for tabs, but I suspect it's specific to 
the internals of the toolkit.  I'm wondering if there is an ARIA 
equivalent property that could be used instead.  I'll take a look.

See the section entitled "Accessibility", subsection "Keyboard".


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