Re: table headers - clear description of problem

On Mon, 25 Aug 2008, Steven Faulkner wrote:
> Current AT's do not support the HTML5 way of associating header cells 
> and data cells. But they do support id/headers.
> This means that complex irregular tables cannot be marked up in HTML5 to 
> provide current AT's with the required information about relationships 
> between headers and data.
> So in order to support AT's that do not implement the HTML5 algorithms, 
> authors who want to use HTML5 will be forced to write non-conformant 
> code.

Sure, but that's just like how today's UAs don't support <progress> or 
<datagrid>, so if people want to write conforming pages that have 
progress bars or datagrids they'll have to hack around it for now.

HTML5 is a decade or more away from being "final". Nobody should be 
writing Web pages that are HTML5 yet unless they are willing to bear the 
brunt of being on the bleeding edge.

If that is the problem with the headers issue, then there isn't a problem 
as far as I can tell. Just the normal issue of implementations not yet 
being complete, and issue that will hopefully go away as implementors add 
support for HTML5.

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