Re: Flickr and alt

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> Philip TAYLOR wrote:
>>> And yet we do not require knowing how to read in order to read (e.g. 
>>> voice synthesizers).  Why the double-standard?
>> Boris, do you not perceive any difference between
>> /knowing/ how to read and /being physically capable/
>> of reading (where "reading" is defined as mentally
>> assigning sounds and semantics to a visually-perceived
>> string of characters) ?

> Was there a point to this question, if I might ask?

There was : your message suggested (quite explicitly,
if I may say so) that those who are dependent on voice
synthesisers do not know how to read; I found this
somewhat offensive, and tried to suggest that those
who so dependent are physically incapable of reading
(as I chose to define it) rather than not "knowing
how to read".


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