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On Tue, 5 Aug 2008, David Poehlman wrote:
> One more and I hope it is my last formatting set of suggestions:
> If I tab through the full page document, I come across some curious 
> things like "this" as a link several times.  Yes, I can read the 
> context, but if you are going to get at these through linkage, they 
> should be more clear.

The context of this is the typography section, which says things like "The 
defining instance of a term is marked up like this. Uses of that term are 
marked up like this or like this." where the word "this" is a link. I'm 
not sure how to change that to be better. Do you have any suggestions? I 
could make the whole link be "like this" but then that wouldn't work for 
the next paragraph, which is "The defining instance of an element, 
attribute, or API is marked up like this. References to that element, 
attribute, or API are marked up like this." since the words "this" in that 
paragraph have to be single words (they represent elements, attributes, 
etc, whose names are always unbroken words).

> Also, Since the document is uit verbose, it would be helpful if there 
> were some links that could return one to the beginning of a section, the 
> top of the document and to the toc?

To jump to the top of the document, hit the "home" key (ctrl+home in 
JAWS). To jump to the previous section header, you can use the JAWS 
heading navigation feature, which will let you navigate to the previous or 
next heading (shift-H and H respectively, with P to read the text under 
that heading), as well as jumping to the top of the current chapter 
(shift-2) or main chapter section (shift-3). To navigate all the headers, 
use the JAWS list of headings feature (insert+f6).

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