Re: will get back to you Re: headers attribute debate

Are we only talking about table headers? If so, I would be concerned that 
deprecating headers could cause problems with older screen readers that 
don't recognize the scope attribute. It would be worthwhile to check with 
Freedom Scientific and GW Micro to see how far back scope is recognized. 

If we are also talking about content headers, then this would have a 
significantly negative impact on screen reader users. Not everyone knows 
about using headers for navigation and scanning, but those who do find them 
useful. Headers also seem to be the one dependable way to navigate across 
<shudder> frames, which are still used in some applications. 

Mike Elledge 

Al Gilman writes: 

> At 6:06 PM -0500 27 05 2007, Laura Carlson wrote:
>> Advice from WAI and the PFWG on the potential accessibility impact of
>> the absence of the headers attribute for HTML 5 would be appreciated.
> Thank you for this question. 
> Tables have historically been a source of access problems.  We put
> some features in HTML4 and there is now enough time past to take
> a fresh look. 
> I believe we can get back to you within a week or two.  If HTML WG needs
> some other timeline, I would be happy to hear from Dan or Chris with an
> requested due date. 
> Al 

Mike Elledge
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Michigan State University

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