RE: Developers' Poll: support for overflow: hidden;

> john and sean: what is IE7's state of support for
> overflow:hidden?

IE7 fully supports overflow:hidden (boxes don't automatically grow like prior to IE7).  I don't know of any bugs in our implementation, but naturally if you know of any pass them along.


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one thing has been bothering me about the content and intent of the
amazon pointer to a quote screen reader unquote friendly page with
quote similar content unquote as the main site, is that i never heard
the message intended for my AT while using a screen-reader in a GUI
environment -- only Lynx displayed what was hidden not only from
CSS-capable browsers, but from half of the target audience -- those
using screen readers...

Developers' Poll: Support for overflow:hidden - is it in the DOM?

john and sean: what is IE7's state of support for

aaron and charles: what is FireFox and FireVox's state of
support for overflow: hidden?

chaals -- is this how my.opera hides the login information
until the Log In link is activated -- when i visited my.opera
with Lynx, i heard the form despite not being logged in nor
activating the Log In link

glen gordon:  is FreedomScientific aware of the WCAG2 technique?
am i correct that the latest version of JAWS does not speak
text marked with overflow: hidden; nor display: none; nor
visibility: hidden;

there is a test page of display:none and visibility:hidden:
archived in the w3c's list archives -- long, possibly wrapping,
URI to follow:

this is why we need to straighten out CSS21's terminology, so
that there IS a technique that is hidden to the eye, but
exposed by an AT, which is why i suggested the meta media
type: render

render unto ceasar what is ceasar's and render unto my AT
visually transparent content...

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