Re: ]RE: Relative Units for Font Size Scaling W3C requirement replaced by zoom techniques in new Browsers?

On 5/23/07, Schnabel, Stefan <> wrote:
> Hi Gregg,
> yea, many thanks for quick reply. .. thats part of the info I need.
> Advantage for Zoom is that it does enlarge images proportionally also. Our
> designs need that. It needs to be tested if reflowing of text will become an
> issue.
> Questions now:
> a) is Greggs Level AA rating when using zoom correct? Is that sufficient
> success criteria for W3C regarding font scaling?

Whether such browser functionality can be used to satisfy this AA
success criterion depends upon which browsers are used by the target
audience. If only IE7 supports zoom and your users are not using IE7,
you need to use other techniques such as scalable fonts.

> b) will the sections that reccommend to use em units be modified to reflect
> new zooming techniques in browsers?

No,  using scalable fonts is still a sufficient technique to satisfy
this success criterion.

> b) is horizontal scrolling when using zoom a no-go for accessibility or is
> it more a usability issue and a consequecne of AA classification?

It is an accessibility issue, which is why it is included in WCAG.
However, there is some content for which it will not be possible to
scale the content in a way that doesn't require horizontal scaling
(e.g. large complex data tables).

> Regards,
> Stefan


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