RE: Relative Units for Font Size Scaling W3C requirement replaced by zoom techniques in new Browsers?

In firefox, if you implement ZOOM please also keep “RESIZE FONT”  as an easy



In IE  the   RESIZE FONT used to be   CTRL – SCROLL WHEEL.   This was
changed to ZOOM in IE7  which is great but it makes it harder to resize text
now which is important fro those with low vision.    Zoom makes text larger
but now you have to keep scrolling left and right to read txt – which
becomes very difficult since it is hard to keep track of what line you are
on (and it is dizzying).   


We are requesting that   RESIZE FONT   be still easy to do *along with*

For example








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That feature is planned for Firefox 3. 

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Relative Units for Font Size Scaling W3C requirement replaced by zoom
techniques in new Browsers?





I would like to know if the presence of new step-less zooming abilities
(e.g. PageZoom in IE7) will make some of the W3C requirements for font
scaling (like using relative instead of absolute units on web pages) become

If not, if any complaints, please explain or point me to some location where
I can find arguments against built-in zooming techniques in browsers. 

We need your input here to give our html-based technologies a definitive
answer if they must use relative units or if they can rely on IE7 for font


I would like to know if something comparable to PageZoom in IE7 is planned
for FireFox 3. 

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