Re: lend scope to Headers with @aaa:labelledby ??

Hi Al,

> In the past I once alluded to a technique that one could use with the HTML
> header markup to give a machine-understandable indication of exactly what
> content the header heads or labels.
> In that conversation, I mentioned using a <div> but any container will do if
> there is a container that is the right scope.
> ** Example:
> <div aaa:labelledby="#h3-13">
> <h3 id="h3-13">subsection heading</h3>
> <p> foo </p>
> <!-- more content -->
> </div>

I think this is a good idea, but can't help thinking it might
sometimes be more appropriate to have the header outside of the block,
and the block itself reference the header. I'm not familiar with XAG
2.5, and the consequences of the recommendation for providing a
complete containment structure, but I quite like the idea that more
than one containing block could belong to a section, so your example
could be expressed with:

<h3 id="h3-13">subsection heading</h3>
<div  aaa:labelledby="h3-13">
<p> foo </p>
<!-- more content -->

Or more simple structures that wouldn't necessarily benefit from being
in a redundant block could also use the same syntax:

<h3 id="h3-13">subsection heading</h3>
<div  aaa:labelledby="h3-13">
<p  aaa:labelledby="h3-13">foo</p>
<dl   aaa:labelledby="h3-13">
  <dt>Term 1</dt>
  <dd>Definition 1</dd>
  <dt>Term 1</dt>
  <dd>Definition 1</dd>
  <dt>Term 1</dt>
  <dd>Definition 1</dd>

Also, I assume the value for the labelledby property wouldn't require
fragment identifier notation, as it's just referencing an id?

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Received on Sunday, 20 May 2007 19:18:49 UTC