re: tabbed page containers and delete

The tab container behavior was discussed by the DHTML style guide group at 
the last two meetings.   At that meeting we decided that a context menu 
would be used to provide the close option.  With focus on the tab title, 
the user would invoke the context menu via shift-F10 or right mouse click 
and if the tab cold be deleted a close / delete menu would be provided. 
This seemed to be more discoverable than pressing the delete key and then 
determining if the tab got deleted or not.   I don't have any objections 
against using delete but just wanted to point out that this had been 
discussed in case others better remember the discussion and if there were 
reasons presented for not using the delete key?  I personally think a 
context menu is the safer option but can live with the delete key as well. 
 I can't think of a way to identify to a screen reader that a tab can be 
deleted. There is no ARIA state which seems appropriate.  A keyboard user 
can determine that the tab is delete-able as long as a close icon is 
provided (although I do not advocate putting the close icon in the tab 

my two cents,

David Bolter wrote:
>In the specific case where focus is on a tab for a tab page which is 
>closeable, I propose the keyboard user should be able to hit the delete 
>key to close/remove the page, without modifiers.
>Does this sound reasonable?
>David Bolter

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