Re: Keyboard navigation and IFrame usage in mashups

aloha, again!

it's customary, i know to check URIs cited in email, but sheepdip happens...

the links to the IFrame tests (part of a UAAG 1.0 proposed test suite),
can be found at:

for those of you interested in the other test pages:

notice, as well, that the guideline covering IFrame is a Priority 1 checkpoint (UAAG 9.1)


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> aloha, rich!
> i couldn't agree with you more -- there are those who have expressed the 
> wish of replacing complex illustrations with the contents of the 
> LONGDESC in an IFrame, so that the user needn't navigate away from the 
> main document, and the complex illustration can be perused (or ignored, 
> user's choice, of course) via the IFrame...
> i have some IFrame test pages from the days of UAAG 1.0's CR days:
> NB: many assisstive technologies - JAWS being one of them - allows the 
> user to choose to ignore IFrames on a page.  Charles, how does FireVox 
> handle IFrame?

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