ARIA Best Practices wiki available for contribution

In order to develop Best Practices for ARIA to help authors understand 
how to use ARIA effectively), the PF Working Group has started a wiki so 
people can contribute and develop content rapidly. This is available at:

On that page is a table of contents indicating what we want to add. Each 
chunk of content is a separate, so people can work on specific subjects, 
and so many people can edit parts of this document at the same time. We 
would like to invite contribution now. A few instructions:

   1. If you are the first person to edit a page, you will be asked to
      create it. We have created a template for pages, so please choose
      the template "PF/ARIA/BestPractices/PageTemplate". This is
      available in the left column of the create page interface. Note
      that on the right column is a list of pages the wiki thinks are
      similar. Please do not choose any of these or you will
      inadvertently modify a different page.
   2. After a page has been created based on the template, some brief
      instructions will be at the top. Please start editing after the
      first horizontal rule (four hyphens).
   3. This wiki does not provide a discussion feature, but there was
      desire to have discussion separate from the content itself. We
      have therefore provided a template for discussion pages. For a
      given page such as "ThisPage", there should be a discussion page
      called "ThisPageDiscussion". You will need to modify the link at
      the top of the page to point to the discussion page. If you are
      the first person to access a given discussion page, please use the
      template "PF/ARIA/BestPractices/DiscussionTemplate" to create it.
   4. Basic instructions for formats understood by this wiki are
      available at the bottom of the page when you are in edit mode.
      There are also a couple links to documentation providing more
      detailed information.

Note that the starting page containing the table of contents is locked 
from editing, in order to avoid changes to the document flow that might 
make the context for existing content confusing. If you would like to 
see additional topics covered that aren't currently listed in the table 
of contents, please add them to the "to do" list, available from the 
bottom of the table of contents.

Please contact me if you have questions.

Michael Cooper
Web Accessibility Specialist
World Wide Web Consortium, Web Accessibility Initiative
E-mail <>
Information Page <>

Received on Wednesday, 13 June 2007 21:11:57 UTC