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[HDP] Why Accessibility Is An Important & Essential Principle

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In 2004, Microsoft commissioned Forrester Research, Inc. to conduct a 
study of adult computer users in the United States. The study found: 

   * 1 in 4 users has a vision difficulty 
   * 1 in 4 users has a dexterity difficulty 
   * 1 in 5 users has a hearing difficulty 
   * 16% of users have a cognitive difficulty or impairment; and 
   * 3% of users have a speech difficulty or impairment 

Why Does the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Exist?

Tim Berners-Lee has repeatedly stated that the World Wide Web 
Consortium's commitment to "lead the Web to its full potential" includes 
promoting a high degree of usability for people with disabilities. The 
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) develops its work through W3C's 
consensus-based process, involving different stakeholders in Web 
accessibility. These include industry, disability organizations, 
government, accessibility research organizations, and more. The WAI also 
produces W3C Technical Recommendations, which all other W3C activities 
are supposed to consider and treat as dependencies. 

for more information, please visit:

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