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On 21/08/07, olivier Thereaux <> wrote:
> To remedy this issue, we worked on keeping all the UI under a single
> URI, using CSS and scripting to tabulate between the types of input
> methods (URI, upload…) and to hide/show the extra options. The result
> has been hailed as progress in usability by the large majority of
> users of the validator, who can use the tool with graphical browsers
> featuring CSS and scripting support. Meanwhile, very special care was
> given to make sure that the interface would be semantically marked up
> (legend, label, …) and that the core functionality (entering content
> to be validated, setting options, submitting the form) would always
> be available to user agents without scripting and/or CSS enabled.
> That's for the context. The choices of grouping all the UI under a
> single "page" and using scripting/css has its pros and cons, but we
> are certain that it brought a significant increase in usability for
> 99% of users of the markup validator. That said, it would be
> fantastic if we could make some improvements over the current
> situation to make it more usable for non-mouse users, as e.g Gez noted.
> The validator is open source
> and practical suggestions, patches are more than welcome.

The solution to this particular problem is simple. If the content that
to be hidden is removed with display: none and put back with display:
block, then keyboard users won't have to tab through hidden interface

The simplest way to do this would be to have two classes in CSS, and
then add/remove the classes with script as and when required to reduce
latency so that screen readers have a chance to update their virtual
buffer following the click event.

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