UAAG Test Suite: User Agent Support for HTML 4.01


the draft User Agent Support for HTML 4.01 Test Suite, a product of the 
User Agent Accessibility Guidelines working group, has been made available
to the HTML WG by the UAAG WG for testing implementations, 
proof-of-concept and conformance to the HTML 4.01 technical 


i have added a link to the test suite to the HtmlTestMaterials wiki page, 
and will link to specific tests which may assist the WG in ascertaining 
the state-of-support for HTML 4.01 not only in user agents, but within 
assisstive technologies, as well, where needed on specific element 
and attribute review pages...

thanks to jan richards (W3C staff contact for the UAAG WG) and the UAAG's 
chair (jim allan) for permission to post pointers to these tests.

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