Fwd: Thesis on say-as values

Here's someone else seeing further potential in ssml:say-as :


PS:  Eira,

 From a standpoint of say-as usage, you might want to glance at our 
comment on the PLS:

And from an NLP perspective, the terascale analogue to your learning 
methods discussed in

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>Subject: Thesis on say-as values
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>I have recently defended my master thesis "Automatic semantic 
>tagging of numerical expressions for supporting speech syntesis[1]. 
>The thesis investigates the current values and possible future 
>extentions the say-as element on an empirical basis for the 
>languages Norwegian and English, and goes on to describe a method 
>for automated say-as tagging of unrestricted text. Especially the 
>first part may be interesting for people in this group.
>Eira Monstad
>Core QA

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