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>Friday, 15 April
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>1. Review current list of roles and expected behaviors

.. two levels of understanding:
- standard terms in standard syntax
- KR in more general RDF (including the definitions of the standard terms)

.. two levels of adaptation
- working within CSS and ECMASCRIPT capabilities against stable content tree
- page-morphers, e.g. DI servers and middleware transcoding aided by KR in RDF

>2. Use of HREF to point to element IDs

Do we need bug-aware workarounds?

Additional topics we may wish to discuss:

[process , early in call]

- symbols to use as 'rel' values

* back-burner issues:
- appropriate use of link.rel vs. any.class (knowledge representation 
aspect, ontology work) [from Al]

I am convinced that "the class marking is for style" is not a popular 
conception that we can let stand.
What I mean is, we have to be getting people to put in the 'class' 
attribute, symbols that connote
*content* semantics that is used to chose among styles, but is 
delivery-context, or specific styleSheet
-agnostic.  And to get there we probably have to demand that CSS 
processors honor the use of
tuple-space logic in style selection.  Not one class, one style.

This will come up again as we look for how to inject subclasses of 
standard-'role' classes into down-level
syntaxes to connect with browsers which are intermediate between IE 
on the one hand (lagging in
stds uptake) and Firefox  (leading in stds uptake).  Browsers with an 
established customer base
in the embedded (set top box) market are of particular interest, for 
example for altered text effects
in the rendering of captions in digital media.

- authority level of technology-specific guidance [from WAI CG]

[process, late in call]

** how to be done?

- identify other stakeholders
.. groups with similar demands
Device Independence, ...
.. groups with related prior art
IMS, UBAccess, IBM/Lotus/Noah_Mendelsson(partialUnderstanding), 
SW_BestPractices, ...
- tech transfer targets = who has to buy it for it to deploy

- allocation of topics to deliverables
- note deferred issue in CG re "how authoritative?"

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