Re: Promotion to Distinguished Engineer

Congratulations, Rich. This is indeed a well deserved honor for you, and
a good day for accessibility.
And, I believe I'm correct that you're the only Distinguished Engineer
with a specialization in accessibility among all the corporations who
use this distinctive designation? Perhaps I'm wrong, but I know there
aren't many like you.

Richard Schwerdtfeger writes:
> Judy, Al, Jon, and Gregg,
> I am not sure if this was released in the press yet but I was promoted to
> Distinguished Engineer last Friday.
> There are roughly 300 DEs in IBM in a community of roughly 195,000
> engineers and roughly 400,000 employees overall. This speaks volumes of
> IBM's commitment to accessibility.
> Part of this success has to do with the WAI's success - which I have been
> fortunate to be involved with.
> So, I want to take the time to thank everyone involved.
> Thank you!
> Rich
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