[SVG 1.2] 'media' characteristic of 'focusable' property

<quote cite=

15.1.1 The focusable property

In many cases, such as text editing, the user is required to place
focus on a particular element, ensuring that input events, such as
keyboard input, are sent to that element.

      Value:	"true" | "false" | "auto"
      Initial:	"auto"
      Applies to:	container elements and graphics elements
      Inherited:	no
      Percentages:	N/A
      Media:	visual
      Animatable:	yes


Shouldn't that be

Media: all


Media: visual, haptic, tactile


I can see how a purely voice dialog might lack a focus property, but
other than that anything with a model that

- persists in the user's comprehension, and
- contains more than one enabled element in that persistent patch of the dialog

..could have one of these enabled elements that the user is aware of be
understood to have the focus.

I know from what Dave Poehlman taught us that for most screen reader
use you want the focus to be right here at what I am hearing now. Not
to require a separate 'snap focus here' operation. But saying that
this only applies in visual rendering worlds doesn't seem to fit our
view of the variety of interaction spaces (a.k.a. delivery contexts).


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