Re: XHTML 2 Role Tag

  ----- Whilst the semantics of the role are conveyed by the proposed tag, I don't see how it covers other encoding channels such as spatial relationships.  For example, there could be an advertising image to the left of a block of text.  The semantic meaning conveyed by this relationship may be that the image is an advertisement for the text content, ie. a picture of a product and some blurb about that product next to it.

  Is it upto the role tag to provide this level of precision in specifying the role of something?

  Lisa: The role tag can not cover that level of detail, and you are right the role tag itself is a bit limiting. What you are talking about can be done easily in RDF. 
  As I see it Role is a step towards capturing knowledge in XHTML. I think the idea is to capture part easily and then revert to more typical knowledge capture syntax

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Received on Friday, 12 November 2004 01:55:59 UTC