RE: where is this going? to accessible intrapage structural navigation [was: Re[2]: request for sample page structure analyses]

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>     >     >Tell me where this is going please?
>     ** short
>     We are seeking a solution that will deliver structural
>     intra-page navigation,
>First time I've heard of that as a goal Al.

OK, I see the problem.

You made your suggestion in the context of a discussion
under the agenda  [Member confidential link]

which points to the following issue-framing message that says the
dictionary is for the purpose of enabling navigation [Member
confidential link].

When you suggested we look at real examples, I said 'Yes!' but it was
because you had said something in line with the larger agenda.


>     We are not going to agree on a dictionary of *canonical*
>     page parts until:
>     a) the part types have definitions: diagnostic collections
>     of characteristics .. and
>     b) the collection of part types has been reviewed for its
>     contribution to
>       structural intra-page navigation.
>I wasn't naming page parts with any sort of navigation in mind.
>     If that is not where you thought we were going, please
>     explain the accessibility benefit of the alternative.
>I introduced the idea of 'visual' areas being useful due
>to most designers having presentation as their goal, in the hope
>that having a common glossary of terms we could move on using
>such a glossary to review use for accessibility.
>   How that glossary might be used had not AFAIK, been defined.
>regards DaveP
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