Re: Re: programaticallylocated.doc

Gregg has outlined a comprehensive and carefully considered proposal.
Some questions (and no, I won't be getting up at 2 AM for the

1. To what extent, if implemented, would this concretely benefit
   people with cognitive disabilities?

Note that it would also benefit other groups including people for whom
the language of the content is a second, third, fourth... language, or
who are unfamiliar with the terminology used.

2. The proposal only addresses word (sometimes called lexical)
   meaning, not sentence meaning. Are there any testable strategies
   available today or in the near future that can help to clarify or
   disambiguate larger components of a text?

3. From Gregg's proposal it appears that the author is specifying the
   dictionaries. However, as a user I might want to take control of
   this, for example to select dictionaries that offer translations
   into my preferred language. It is important that if user agents or
   assistive technologies implement this, they provide override

4. Is there a reasonable range of online dictionaries out there for
   various languages?

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