Re: AccessKey Behavior based on media

At 10:24 AM 11/1/2002 -0500, Ian B. Jacobs wrote:
>    For direct access with intent to activate, I don't
>    think the "focus only" option is very interesting: the user
>    would generally only use those accesskeys once the binding
>    between key and task is known. In this case, there is no
>    longer a need for orientation, and the user is unlikely to
>    want to focus first then activate. I also note that the user
>    is unlikely to want to discover available accesskeys by randomly
>    testing key combinations; the focus-but-don't-activate should
>    not be taken as a mechanism for allowing binding discovery
>    (see instead UAAG 1.0 checkpoint 11.2).

I disagree it is often useful for some one to move the focus to a 
navigation bar and then select something else from the navigation bar.  But 
getting the focus near a target is useful.  Remember access keys for form 
controls move focus to those controls, so for links there would be 
consistency with form controls.  For people with visual impairments it is 
often difficult for them to understand the difference between a button and 
a link, since they do no see the graphical styling.


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