Re: wichita state's usability resources (Re: Aside on Fonts)

aloha, kynn!

hmm...  if the sole purpose of using fixed/absolute font sizes in your
resume is to preserve the document's layout and style precisely when
printed, then the fact that it is distributed via the web is pretty
immaterial, isn't it?  sounds to me as if you want to deliver your resume
as a final form/immutable object so that all of the hard work you put into
getting it to look right when it is printed was not in vain, should a
potential employer's administrative assistant simply use her browser to
send the final form object direct from the web to your prospective
employer's networked printer...  that's fine, but fixing the presentation
(even if you do use CSS to do so) makes the page as much an "if all else
fails technology", such as simply scanning a print-out of the master file
without using adobe's capture software for OCR conversion (as described at so that the file is one large binary
file, then you have an obligation to provide an "alternate" version -- one
that uses interoperable technology, so that any potential employer,
including either of anne's sisters, could read your resume unassisted...

which is, in fact what you've done at where you
offer your resume in 3 flavors: "web", "print", and "xml" -- which, i
suppose, means you're still in the running for the highly coveted
positions i have to offer...


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On Fri, 27 Jul 2001, Kynn Bartlett wrote: 
> At 5:54 PM -0400 2001/7/27, gregory j. rosmaita wrote:
> >it is also worth noting that the EZprint version uses the deprecated,
> >non-scaling, absolute presentational element FONT, rather than
> >stylesheets, which would make me think twice about hiring wichita state's
> >software usability research laboratory to perform a usability analysis on
> >anything...
> Gregory, for what it's worth, the "print" version of my resume
> ( uses absolute font sizes set in CSS -- which
> is of course as bad as FONT.  I hope that doesn't mean you'd think
> twice about hiring me. ;)
> (The web version, of course, is relative and scalable.)
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