RE: guideline 7.1 about screen flickering (fwd)

aloha, anne!

thanks for playing in my sandbox!  four questions:

1. is "RADAR" an acronym?  if so, do you know what it stands for?

2. what is "AAMR"?

3. what is the foreground color/color of the text?  is it green as well?
(that seems to be the motif)

4. is the font used a serif or sans-serif font?

i suppose that no one who approaches the graphic with a tabula rasa would
know the answers to the first 2 questions, which indicates to me that this
particular graphic isn't a very successful conduit of information... 

oh, one more question:

5. would you follow this link out of the blue?  if so, why?

i'm not sure i would if the alt text just said: "RADAR @ AAMR", which
appears to be the literal textual equivalent for the graphic...  still,
there is a checkpoint in WCAG1 (checkpoint 4.2) which recommends providing
an expansion for acronyms and abbreviations where they first occur...


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On Wed, 25 Jul 2001, Anne Pemberton wrote:
> What a neat idea! I played in your sandbox, and hope I gave you an
> interesting description. I may not have answered the question of whether it
> flickers, but the animation is a smooth movement around the circle, not a
> flicker at all.
> Anne

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