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Server-side image maps techniques

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 11:19:36 -0400
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At 04:46 PM 6/16/99 -0400, David Clark wrote:
>Another question that we often get relates to authors who publish on free
>webhosts (like Geocities, for example), is how can the author ensure
>accessibility  when the host adds content after the fact. The most common
>content is server-side imagemaps.
>Any thoughts?

Most of what the individual should do is a question of how to process your
complaint through customer service and escalate when not receiving
satisfaction.  This working group may not be the best place to find the
answer to that kind of question.

Geocities, for example, responded well in the end to a flap caused when
they added a watermark that destroyed access to the pages posted there.

A WCAG topic that this question suggests is: "Are the accessibility
techniques for server side image maps covered in the techniques document?"
Specifically, that the server-side image map should respond to (0,0)
coordinates with an alternate navigation page, and that clients should send
(0,0) when a server-side image map is activated without the mouse pointer
in the area, as by keyboard tabbing and <enter>.

Do the server add-ins include text links equivalent to the sensitive image?


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