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Book - "Brothers Beware: Games Black Women Play"

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Sisters are saying: "Burn This Book!"
Brothers are saying: "Free At Last!"

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Brothers Beware:
Games Black Women Play

A. Marshall
Price: $12.00
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"Brothers, the so-called professional, liberated black
woman wants to have her cake and eat it too. Some of
them have gone to college and earned degrees. She has
entered the work force and is attempting to make an
impact in corporate America and other areas of
employment. She wants liberation on her job. She wants
equality in the classroom. She wants to do what she
wants to do, when she wants to do it, with whom she
wants to do it. She wants liberation. I have no problem
with that. More power to her. But I ask one simple
Excerpt from Chapter Three: "What Have You Done For Me Lately?"
"Brothers Beware: Games Black Women Play" is a book that
pulls no punches when it details the many tricks and
manipulative games for which black women are notorious.

This book is an honest, no holds barred, uncensored
discussion about dating in the African American community.

The number of eligible black men is constantly decreasing.
Therefore, black women are doing whatever is necessary to
find and keep a good black man. Many of her secrets are
exposed in this book.

The author interviewed several black women who revealed
many of the techniques used by Sisters to get what they
want, and who they want, any time they want. These women
were especially helpful on the hilarious chapter entitled:
"Games Women Play On Each Other."

The author had no need whatsoever to embellish -
The TRUTH was definitely sensational enough.
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Brothers Beware:
Games Black Women Play

Price: $12.00
$3.00 Shipping - COD Charges are free for a limited time.
Wholesale Discounts Available

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800-305-1458 - 24 hrs
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