Re: I saw your web site

Dear Web Merchant,

My company has taken notice of your on-line presence and
wanted to bring a few things to your attention.

Over the past several years, we have spoken with hundreds of
online merchants like you, who unfortunately are not happy.
The reason for their unhappiness varies but all seem to have
common issues.

Here are a few examples of some problem issues:

-  I canít get my Web site updated with new material.

-  My Web site was supposed to be completed within 2 wks,
it's been over 2 mnths.

-  changes made to my Web site, are not what I requested and
take another month to get them right.

-  I canít get any technical support for my growing Internet

-  Nobody returns my calls, regarding Web site issues and
they canít answer the questions I have.

-  My monthly maintenance seems a little expensive for the
services I receive.

-  I want my own domain name but it is too expensive.

-  My Web site take a long time to download compared to
other sites.

Do you and your company have any of these issues?  If so,
you may want to look into finding another Web site
development and hosting company.  My company has helped
hundreds of companies with the same problems and they still
canít believe the difference! We specialize in Internet
solutions and strategies.

Thatís all.

Your company has an objective when it comes to the Internet
and we have a solution.

Here are a few things one can expect from our company.

-  Professional Web site appearance and layout. -  Excellent
technical support. -  Super fast Internet connection and
download speeds. -  Some of the most competitive pricing in
the nation! -  Super fast Web site updates. -  Advanced
level services including JAVA, CGI, ActiveX, Cold Fusion,
and more!

If any of these areas interest you and you would like to
find out more about our company, we would like to welcome
you to call 1 888-585-8658 or Print the Form and Fax back to
1-800-243-0358.  To receive more info about our services
reply to

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