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Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 13:40:36 -0700
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To: wai-tech-comments@w3.org
From: The Desk of Dr. Ahmed Tijani 

I am Dr Ahmed Tijani 58 years old and a engineer contacting you based 
on the recommendation given to me by my international business 
associates. I was the chairman of the Nigeria Railway Co-operations 
review committee (NRC CRC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We were 
mandated to review all the contracts awarded by the defunct Nigeria 
Railway Trust Fund (NRTF) to Foreign Firms since the last five years. 
completion of our job, we discovered that most of the contracts were 
grossly over-invoiced to the tune of One Hundred and Seventy-Seven 
United States Dollars (US$177,000,000.00). In our report we arranged, 
recommended, and subsequently returned only the sum of 
to the government leaving out the balance of US$37,000,000.00 for our 
own use. However, I feel highly inhibited to contact anybody for this 
type of transaction because of what we read in the daily newspapers 
the incessant involvement of some undesirable Nigerians in the
 different kinds of scams and fraudulent practices. These acts have not 
only battered and tarnished the image of Nigeria, but have also 
drastically reduced the number of intending foreign investors in our 
Considering my international position and status and that of my 
colleagues involved in this particular transaction, please I would like 
you to 
give this transaction utmost confidentiality and sincerity it deserves. 
The said money (US$37,000,000.00) is already in a security company 
abroad. Therefore all we require from you are your bank particulars so 
we can file and facilitate the application process in your name, at 
Federal Ministry of Finance. Adequate arrangements are already on 
to give this project full substantial legal backing. So you have 
to worry about. All the documents that will authenticate our claims are 
available. Our code of conduct forbids civil servants from owning or 
operating foreign accounts. This is exactly what informed my
 decision to contact you. We have agreed to give you the sum of 
US$11,100,000.00 (Eleven million, one hundred thousand United States 
which represents 30% of the total sum, the balance of 70% will be for 
us members of the committee. If you are interested in the transaction, 
please reply immediately through my e-mail address: so that I can give 
you the particulars of the security company abroad. I will join you at 
the security company to assist you to receive the funds. 
Best regards
 DR. Ahmed Tijani. 
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