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 Dear  xxx, 

 I  am a Sierra-Leonean businessman.  I was 
 into the importation and  sale of medical 
 in my native country, Sierra-Leone, west coast of  
 Africa. My operational base was in Freetown, the 
 Capital City. 
 In January 1999, when the second civil war broke 
 out in my country, my  office and warehouses were 
 burnt by the Revolutionary United Front (RUF)  
 Rebels, who invaded and occupied Freetown for more 
 than a month, before they  were dislodged by the 
 United Nations Intervention Force. The Rebels 
 alleged  that my company was an ally of the ruling 
 government of President Teejan  Kabbah, which they 
 (the rebels) were fighting to overthrow.  In that 
 attack,  I lost all my properties and assets. I 
 was  left with virtually nothing  except some 
 I had in my bank account. 
 When the United Nations succeeded in dislodging 
 rebels from Freetown,  there was a relative peace 
 in the City, and I returned to business with the  
 little resources I had, but this time, I invested 
 in the mining of Diamond  which abounds in my 
 country. I exported this Diamond through the help 
of a  third party  some Lebanese merchants who 
 were versed in the industry. 
 The returns I got from this trade was quite good 
 and my life was gradually  picking up again until 
 early last year, when the Sierra-Leonean 
 government  banned private exploitation of the 
 Diamond deposit and also called on the  United 
 Nations to ban the sale/purchase of  Sierra-
 Diamond at the  international market. The UN 
 obliged the government and it is now illegal to 
 sell/buy Diamonds emanating from Sierra-Leone. 
 Following this action, the government of my 
 clamped down on all businessmen who had made some 
 good fortunes selling Diamond. Again, my newly  
 acquired properties were seized and I had no other 
 option than to leave the  country, immediately. 
 I could not do that until I was able to first 
 my money out of the country. 
 I had $25,000,000.00, ( Twenty-Five Million United 
 States Dollars) in my domiciliary  account in 
 Freetown. I had to move the money out of the 
 country, through a  very secretly arranged 
 This was done in very unconventional  methods, by 
 defacing the currencies. Now, the money is in the 
 custody of a  Holland-based security firm. It is  
 under the preservation, protection and  safe-
 keeping of the a financial trust security 
 I  want to claim the  money from them, but I 
 personally do so at the moment, because of  
 restrictions to my movement At the moment, I am on 
 self-exile in a  neighbouring West  African 
 from where I am trying to work out my  travelling 
 permit, to enable me travel abroad. 
 Now, I need help. And this help is in two folds. 
 The first is that I need  someone who has the 
 capacity to receive  $25,000,000.00, into his 
 and the  financial capability to process the 
 release of the money  from the trust  company. All 
 you need to have is a POWER of ATTORNEY from me 
 other  relevant documents pertaining to the 
 lodgment.  Secondly, after the release  of this 
 money must have been secured, I would want you to 
 help me get a  temporary or permanent Resident 
 Permit in any of the Western European  countries 
 (or any viable country outside Africa) or better 
 still, the United  States or Canada. 
 I have already made contact with the trust firm on 
 my desire to claim my  money back. They have given 
 me two options: 1. To meet them in Holland or 2.  
 To meet them at their West African sub-regional 
 office here in Africa. I have not committed myself 
 to any of the options yet. 
 For your efforts and expenses you may incur in the 
 course of consummating  everything, you will be 
 entitled to 10% of the $25,000,000.00, But we 
 have  an agreement to the effect that you WILL NOT 
 take or spend out of the entire  $25,000,000 until 
 such a time when I am able to meet with you. I 
 let you  have the telephone and fax numbers of my 
 financial trust agent  and the name  of the 
 person in Holland on demand. Please, you can only 
 reach me,  for now, through this e-mail address 
 And Fax :     01 775 458 0407
 I wait to hear from you, soonest, and apologize 
 for  inconveniencing you .  I pray you understand 
 my plight.kindly send to me your private 
 number for voice to voice communication
  Warm regards, 
 Johnson Kamara.

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