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Business Proposal

From: <oedegbe2@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 08:40:36 -0000
To: oedegbe2@yahoo.com
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Engr. Osahon Edegbe.
Fax:234 1 7592810

Good day,


I want to ask you for your trust and confidence in this
business transaction. By the reasonable fact that this
project demands your unflinching trust and confidentiality,
It is our sole aim to inform you that it is a 100% legal
transaction, being that all aspects of bureaucratic protocol
will be observed in the pursuance of a successful conclusion
and finalization of this project. Thereby satisfying our sole
aim and ambition of enjoying the proceeds from our labour
with 100% peace of mind. Regrettably, the Code of Conduct
Bureau of the Nigerian civil service, forbids the operation
of foreign and domiciliary accounts by civil servants.
Thereby strangling any attempt of forex transfer by civil
servants. It is with an aim of beating this bottleneck, that
we decided to  search the internet for a foreign Partner to
assist us in bringing this project to reality. Hence this
letter to you hoping that you will render us the assistance
we request. 

Currently,we are officials of the Federal Government of
Nigeria civil service. Serving as officers of the Contract
Review Panel. A panel set up by the government to investigate
and verify all debts owed to the Nations foreign contractors.
We are interested in importation of machineries into our
country with the successfully transferred funds, which is
presently trapped in Nigeria. For us to be able begin this
project, we are asking your co-operation and assistance to
enable us transfer into your account the said-trapped funds.

In line with our duties at the CRP we have discovered that
during the past Military Regime's here in Nigeria, government
officials set up companies and awarded themselves contracts
which were grossly over - invoiced in various ministries. We
have discovered a lot of these inflated contract funds which
are presently trapped in the Central bank of Nigeria ready
for payment.  However, by virtue of our position as civil
servants and members of this panel, as mentioned earlier, we
cannot legally acquire this money in our names, as we are
prohibited by the Code of Conduct Bureau (Civil Servants
Laws).  I have therefore, been delegated as a matter of trust
by my colleagues of the panel to liase with you as our
foreign partner into whose account we would be able to
transfer these funds being the sum of US$21,320,000.00
(Twenty One Million, Three Hundred and Twenty Thousand U.S.

We have agreed to share the money thus:

1.	20% for the Account  owner (you)
2.	70% for us (The officials)
3.	10% to be used in settling taxation and all local and
foreign expenses.

It is from the 70% that we wish to commence the importation
of the Machineries. Please, note that this transaction is
100% safe and risk-free, we hope to finalise the transfer
latest seven (7)Banking days from the date of the receipt of
the following information by e-mail. 
Your Company name and address and your Bank name, address,
account number and Tel/Fax Number

The above information will enable us write letters of claim
and job description respectively.  This way we will use your
company’s name to apply for payment and re-award the contract
in your company’s name. 

We are hoping for a favourable response from you and ask your
confidentiality in this transaction. Please acknowledge the
receipt of this letter and your consent to assist us using
the above e-mail address.  

Yours Faithfully,
Osahon Edegbe.

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