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Re: dhtmlai focus group? Re: does tabbing raise an alt tag? was Re: Tooltips in HTML

From: Al Gilman <asgilman@iamdigex.net>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 09:56:51 -0400
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To: "Jonathan Chetwynd" <j.chetwynd@btinternet.com>
At 02:45 AM 2001-07-26 , you wrote:
>A while back I wrote commenting that WAI should be known as HTMLAI due to
>the focus of its attention.
>Chaals wrote>So for your favourite browser maker, write to them and ask for
>this feature to be included.
>I've tried this tack with regard to transparency, and it might take 4 years,
>or it might never happen.
>If WAI means Web Accessibility Initiative, there is a responsibility for us
>to identify issues and keep a journal.
>This forum is an aspect of this, which I possibly abuse.
>None the less
>I do have a Mental Health student who only uses tabbing to navigate, she has
>a fairly serious shake due to medication,and cannot control a mouse or
>tracker ball.
>I had not noticed the absence of alt/title tag information, which is
>embarrassing as I've been teaching her for a few months...
>This is a serious issue and is not to be resolved by the rather flippant
>suggestion from Charles.


It is a serious issue.

Charles sometimes sounds flippant but he's not the only one who gets
misunderstood that way, now, is he?

In any case, the basic principle here is that the display of the TITLE as
tooltip is a behavior that should be wired into Web standards through a
device-independent abstraction, not through the device-specific notion of an
onMouseOver event.

This is not the status quo.  So we have a reform issue and these take time. 
It's quicker if you can get it right the first time.  That's not an excuse,
just an observation.

In any case, the WAI has been pretty consistent in pursuing this issue, and
Charles has been in the forefront leading the charge.

We are not done.  

In another reply, Charles noted that this behavior is "a browser function, not
part of the HTML standard."  That is the reverse of the perception Phill
offered in an earlier post.  Please start at the following point and you can
web back to Phill's remarks.

behavior matters (why is a TITLE not a title?)

Again, the progress is not swift, but this is precisely why there is a
Guideline 3 in the XMLGL as we are currently working on it

Those behaviors that authors are expecting in their documents should be
part of
the interoperability standards.  Or at least if the standards for the medium
don't provide some amount of behavior commonality (it has to have flexibility,
too) then the Web is something that the specifications don't cover, as you

But let me assure you that Charles _does_ care about this one.  Even if he
about it like a one-armed paperhanger, on account of the sundry demands on his

I posted your field experience on this point into the wai-tech-comments
archive-only edress.  This is one thing we do have that serves as a cache of
issues.  It's not a maintained issues list (no deletions) but it is a lot
shorter to scan than just the logs of the mail on all the lists.

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