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Fwd: Re: [webwatch] The Skip Nav Technique

From: Al Gilman <asgilman@iamdigex.net>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 10:26:13 -0400
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The flow through intrapage links has not been reduced to a practice that
consistently works.

Note this post on WebWatch from Rick Roderick.  The problem with the 'visited'
attribute is that the 'visited' status is remembered for the destination, but
that when moving around in a page announcing it disrupts the orientation to
fact that yes, you have moved within the current page.  This complaint is just
the latest mention, I have heard it repeatedly before.


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>Hi Kelly,
>I think the skp nav can be very helpful, but it is by no means the only
>way to accpmplish this.  The trouble with skp nav is that it is not always
>immediately clear what is being skipped.
>I think there a couple of other ways this could be done.  If the
>navigation is donein the first column, put Column 1 and Colum,n 2.
>Another possibility is to put the navigation links in the second column so
>that they are read last.  This technique is used at:
>I think a bettter technique would be to avoid repated links altogther
>except for return to home and return to top.  Gopher did this, and it
>worked quite well.  All people have to do is hit the back button to get
>those links.  One thing that realy bothers me is to see a link repeated
>that has just been selected.  Public radio stations sometimes do this.  A
>link will say, Listen live" with different streams and player links.  When
>one chooses this link, one will hear, "visited, listen live."  If one is
>already there, why should the link even be on the page?
>Now for the other quesitons.  I believe that ACB.org is using the skip
>nave rfeature quite well.  One site that really infuriates me and needs a
>feature like this is the Chicago Tribune.  My parents told e about an
>aritcle they wanted me to read.  I found it, but I had much to go through
>before getting there.
>Rick Roderick,
>Louisville, KY
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