Bad links

Most of the links on this page are bad and/or have moved:

Legislation, Policy, and Relevant Documents are bad links. Here's what I found on their site:

The Relevant Documents link has moved to

Web Accessibility Standards are here:

All bad links
Here are the statutes:
Here are the guidelines:

New York
All bad links
Office for Technology:
Technology policy:
Technology standard:

North Carolina
All bad links
DHHS Policies and Procedures:
Accessibility Statement:

Bad link
Accessibility Statement:

Bad link, accessibility info here:

Bad link
About accessibility:

Jurisdictions - bad link
Relevant Documents:
TEA's Report - bad link
Chapter 5 - bad link
Discussion - bad link

Link moved to

Bad link
Accessibility Statement:

Bad link
Accessibility Statement:

Hope this helps!

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