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Financing or operating a new or existing Business in B.C. or Canada?  North Vancouver based company,  Kofoed & Bailey Financial Services offers financing and professional financial services.
1)     Existing Business requiring new/used equipment? Equipment Lease:
	 $10,000 CDN = $295.00/mo. 36 mths oac.
2)     Existing Business requiring Cash flow?  Lease back Equipment: 
	$10,000 CDN = $335/mo. 36 mths oac. 
3)     New Business requiring equipment/operating capital? Collateral Lease: 
	$10,000 CDN = $375/mo. 36 mths oac.

"If it appreciates - Buy it.  If it depreciates - Lease it."  John Paul Getty  

*NB - Does your Business require a  Line of Credit? Do you need to increase the Line you have?
Vendors - Your Clients: 
     Q. - Do your clients require an alternate source of financing?  
     A. - B & C credit, Alternative, and Profit Share financing available.

Vendors- Your Own Business:   
     Q.  - Looking for an alternate way to finance your Inventory?  
     A.  - Profit Sharing Equipment/ Inventory programs available.

     Q. -  Need  business/partnership contracts? 
     Q. -  Would you like better, less expensive solutions to E&O / 
	Directors/ Liablity Insurance?  
     A.  Contact us:  Tel: 604-984-6701,  or Fax: 604-984-6745, or email:

Kofoed & Bailey Financial Services
 "Friendly Business Financing". 

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