Re: ie6, tabbing and website navigation design

Might WAI & W3C need to consider rewriting their pages?

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Using ie6 tabbing in ie6 seems very chaotic, please try:

tabbing at the wai homepage: or the W3C homepage it is very hard to
Tab to an anchor link(eg about[wai], w3c technologies[w3]), press enter, and
tab again. not what one would
a similar problem is here:
I don't know whether this is an insoluble problem, however I'm finding it
very frustrating.

Anybody have any ideas, the navigation works fine in lynx for instance?
Is it a bug, or perhaps I need to adjust some setting?
I don't know whether to report this as a bug? or how?

graham replied:

Hi Jonathan
I can confirm the strange behaviour on the WAI home
I would say its a bug in IE6, there may be a
workaround in terms of how the underlying code is
For example a tabindex attribute may help things


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