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Hidden Secrets for Non-Profits and Charities

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Hidden Secrets of how nonprofits and charities can...

Up the Voltage with their Marketing & Communications 

Why you Need this Manual

Most nonprofits and charities are small - 97% of local units have less than 15 staff.

But some - like MADD (Mothers Against Drink Driving), Habitat for Humanity, Save the Children and Greenpeace - have so established themselves  and their brand that they appear to be as big as a Fortune 500 company.

How did they achieve this level of impact? Lacking financial resources and manpower, how did they leverage themselves onto the regional, national and international stage? 


Here are some of the 127 examples from Volume 1 of "Marketing and Communications for Nonprofits and Charities": 

1. Youth Council gains publicity by championing new youth court model. 
Youth Affairs Council of South Australia is attracting publicity by its advocacy on behalf of a youth court specifically for Aborigines, using as a model the successful Aboriginal Court in Port Adelaide. 

2.  Free internet marketing guide 
Direct response marketing firm Grizzard Inc has produced a 91 page how-to manual for strategic marketing on the Internet. While it uses examples from the "charity marketplace", it is relevant to all types of community business enterprise that populate the 22 dominions of the nonprofit sector.

3. New strategic approach 
The Red Cross in Victoria is embedding itself within the education system. With the support of a major metropolitan newspaper, a national cinema chain who offers a "buy one get one free" ticket deal, plus a confectionery manufacturer that provides a snack bar when students become blood donors. 

4.  First attempt at membership bonding 
A very successful program for membership bonding offering material benefits has been established by the Continental Basketball Association. Plastic membership cards contain discounts at local fast food shops and video stores with a value of $200. 

5.  New direction for Spastic Society 
In an exercise in both branding and re-positioning the Spastic Society of Victoria has renamed itself Scope, reflecting its intention to emulate the proactive advocacy and services group representing those with cerebral palsy in the United Kingdom. By using the Scope name it hopes to create the image that it is part of a world-wide organisation. 

6. Postcard campaign targets politicians 
Nurses, medical professionals and hospital administrators fed up with staff shortages are all being urged to send postcards to politicians in Washington simply saying "Help Wanted". The campaign is to pressure politicians into addressing the shortage of hospital employees - particularly nurses - by enacting legislation the AHA believes will help ease the situation. 

7.  Archive gives access to previous Q+A 
Recognising that it is a target of the environmental lobby, the Australian National Association of Forest Industries has a website that is visited by professionals, academics and school children. By using characters "Hardwood Harry" and "Softwood Sal", access to 5,000 questions and answers, and the game Timber Trek, it promotes the message that forest industries are good industries.

8.  Boost for member services 
The NSW Division of Australian Association of Occupational Therapists has placed the professional details of all members on its web site. Patients can now search by member’s surname, location or practice expertise. 

9.  Orchestra seeks niche sponsors
The Sydney Symphony Orchestra is marketing itself to younger patrons, and is simultaneously marketing itself to companies that sell to wealthy 30 and 40 year olds. This new targeted approach opens up a new range of potential sponsors - from fashion labels to investment funds.

10. 12 months of positive media with celebrity endorsement. 
With the announcement that Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson is to turn her back on stage and screen to devote a year to the charity ActionAid, one full year of positive media exposure is virtually guaranteed. She plans to spend the sabbatical working in Africa working on such projects as helping to build new village wells, teaching children basic reading and writing skills, water projects and providing agricultural training to farmers which are all great media stories.

Order before August 28th, and for this investment of US$175 you will receive: 

1. the manual   
2. daily updates of successful applications (case study formats) from Nonprofit and Charity News for the next six months.  
3. Access to Civic Chamber Australia for any queries you may have on Marketing and Communications for your specific application within the nonprofit and charity sector - at no cost. 

This knowledge will build your organisation over the next 20 years - showing you how to adapt successful applications of Marketing and Communications employed by your peers world-wide as they too strive to develop economically sustainable and industry-relevant business models.  Can you afford not to be this well informed?  

Over 4,765 nonprofits and charities worldwide have benefitted from the expertise of Civic Chamber Australia. Established in 1989, the Civic Chamber continues to be the most relevant industry resource when cutting edge and effective guidance is required. 

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