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ATAG Report Tool Starfish review results

From: Hidde de Vries <hidde@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2020 13:22:48 +0100
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To: "Bakken, Brent" <brent.bakken@pearson.com>
Hi Brent,

Many thanks for your feedback in the ATAG Report Tool Starfish review.

Please find my responses below.

> The "Note" text should be the same size as the rest of the text.

The reason I've made it smaller is because I feel it is less important than the explanation of the tool. It's meant like a side note. 

> Instead of "What to Expect" maybe use "Structure of this Tool"


> Legend of results: Add a little more explanation here. For example "As you go through and evaluate your tool, you will select a "result" for each criteria. Here is the legend of what those selections mean..." or "Here is the definition of the result categories."

Have taken your first suggestion! 

> Bullets under Tips for using this tool...
> First bullet "...because it is not stored in the server." Change to "...because it is not stored on a server."

Good catch, that makes much more sense! Updated.

> Looks like it was changed to "Implementing ..."
> I like that better, much improved.

That's actually a different thing, which also changed. To clarify: the word “implementing” is in the link that looks like a tag, that goes directly to the implementing page for this success criterion (it used to go to the success criterion).

The wording for the link to the principle was “See”, have changed to “More details” as per Helen's suggestion. Hope that makes sense.

> Once I used the tool, the box made a lot of sense. I didn't have any questions or comments about how to improve it at this time. Once the import feature works I may have some more comment here.

Thanks, that's great feedback! I hope to have the import feature ready in the next iteration. 


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