Re: Web Accessibility Tutorials: Images and Tables

Hi Olaf,

> [3]
> The last bit goes back to my limited familiarity with details in HTML:
> - is
>  alt
> really equivalent to
>  alt=""
> ?
> - if so, why do the examples in W3C WAI related content I have run 
> into (and definitely those in the image tutorial)  use
>  alt=""
> ?

In modern HTML5 browsers, alt will be interpreted as alt="", but I 
don’t consider using this as best practice, especially when educating 
website authors:

* Having the ="" in there show that the empty alt is a deliberate 
decision and not something forgotten.

* Older browsers or assistive technology might treat alt without a value 
as missing and might announce the filename instead of nothing.

* Using two syntaxes like this with minor differences and little to no 
gain would only confuse some people and would be hard to explain, imho.

Best, Eric


Eric Eggert, Web Accessibility Specialist
WAI-ACT Project

I’m yatil on IRC.

Received on Monday, 15 September 2014 16:39:17 UTC