Re: Training documents - 3-day example

hi andrew,

generally i like the workshop outline.

here are my comments.

learning objectives -> Day 1, Part 2 -> move second bullet to the 4th place.

learning objectives -> day 1, part 2 & day 2/3: i would merge the two 
"quick reference" bullets into one and shift it maybe to day 1 part 2.

remark: i don't teach accessibility techniques by digging into the 
quickref. i show the quickref and tell the participants how to use it, 
but i teach the techniques by practical examples and in "everyday" language.

remark 2: maybe we have to extend the title of day 1 part 2 to include 
the guidelines or we have to separate a section "guideline" between part 
2 and 3.

sample outline -> day 1, part 2 -> target audience:
i think that some more general parts are important for all target groups 
(to get a better impression what are components of web accessibility and 
how pwd use the web).

sample outline -> Accessible design and development:
* extra bullet: scalable text (and layout), text as a graphic
* include "labels" in the forms bullet
* include "page titles" in the bullet navigation (maybe also in the
   content authoring section)

sample outline -> Scripting and WAI-ARIA
* move to the top of this section: "Discuss the basic steps to make
   rich internet applications accessible"

sample outline -> summary
* include Q&A
* we always include a service for email based q&a over a period of 
several weeks to help the participants to implement the learned 
information into their daily work properly.

hope that helps,

PS: i have to send regrets for tomorrows meeting - i'll have a meeting 
with a client.

On 30.03.2010 19:12, Andrew Arch wrote:
> Hello Liam, Michael, Sylvie, Sharron and Heather,
> In EOWG on Friday it was suggested to ask a few participants who
> regularly engage in training to take a closer look at the draft 3-day
> example.
> This example is quite different from the earlier ones as it covers a
> multi-day time frame and has a variety of audiences at different times.
> It also has a different layout (not shown to EOWG last week) as
> recommend by the WAI-AGE task-force to reflect its less formal structure
> and place the emphasis on the outline framework rather than the resources.
> Could you please take a close look at this example [1] and, given the
> scenario, provide any comments on the sample outline (which is broken
> into sessions by target audience). In particular, is the material
> covered in the sample outline and the times allocated reasonable as an
> example of an in-house 3-day workshop?
> Feedback would be appreciated by 6 April, but let me know if you need
> any longer.
> Thanks, Andrew
> [1]

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