Add links to HTML version of "Benefits of WCAG 2.0" presentation

Hi Sharron,

Looking good so far...

Could you add links throughout? For example, at the end it says
"There are many resources on the WAI website to answer your questions. For example,
- About WCAG 2.0 presentations - videos and presentation materials
- Introduction to Web Accessibility
- Developing a Web Accessibility Business Case for Your Organization
- How WAI Develops Accessibility Guidelines through the W3C Process
Could you link these to their pages on the WAI website?

NOTE that I made minor updates, so you should pull the copy that online instead of using your local copy from below.



Shawn Henry wrote:
> Sharron has completed the HTML version of the "Benefits of WCAG 2.0" 
> presentation. Please review it at:
> <
> It is based on the presentation format version at:
> <> 
> Please check HTML, CSS, and display issues on various browsers. Please 
> reply to this list saying which browsers and operating systems you 
> checked it on.
> If you find browser rendering problems, typos, or other issues that do 
> not need EOWG discussion, please send them to:
> <> AND <>
> Although we agreed on the content some time ago, it's common to see new 
> things when you look at it again. However, we don't have much time to 
> spend on this now. Therefore, if you have suggestions for content 
> changes, please do send them in and *include an indication of how 
> important you think it is to change*.
> Regards,
> ~Shawn

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