Feedback on "Shared Web Experiences: Barriers Common to Mobile Device Users and People with Disabilities"


I'm pretty new to the group and the following are a couple trivial  
suggestions as feedback for "Barriers Common to Mobile Device Users  
and People with Disabilities". These might be invalid as I am still  
going through the backlog of the working group.

Audio-only prompts (beeps, buzzes) for important information  
(warnings, errors).
- Buzzes do not seem to meet the context, as the context mostly states  
about hearing ability. I believe buzzing could also be a alternative  
alert for the both the blind and deaf.

Non-text content
- Images or other media content that can trigger a page reflow should  
explicitly state a predefined size for the user agent to reserve that  
space for the image before it is loaded to prevent the page text  
content from being pushed down due to delayed image delivery in a  
linearized page format. Reflow that moves the current viewport will  
provide a bad user experience for users with motor disability and will  
even frustrate normal users.

Hope this helps.


Sangwhan Moon, Opera Software ASA
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Received on Thursday, 25 September 2008 07:15:50 UTC