editorial content of "benefits"

The bulleted items in:

WCAG 2 gives you
Cooperatively developed international standard
Applies to more advanced technologies
Clearer criteria
Flexible, adaptable
Practical implementation examples and info

should all be nouns - the second and fourth are a verb and adjectives.


What WCAG 2 gives you
Applies to more advanced technologies
-current, future, non-W3C

needs grammar adjustment

As does

WCAG 2 gives you
Clearer "success criteria,"
more precisely testable
(still need human Judgement)

- they don't "read right" as they are now.

and then

The WCAG 2.0 success criteria is more specific and testable.

Even though many of us don't care about the "number" thing, humor an old man
and adjust. Criteria "ARE"... and when there's only one it's a "criterion",


WCAG 2 gives you
Adaptable, flexible
for different situations,
and developing
technologies and techniques

begs for completion: adaptable, flexible WHAT?


Received on Wednesday, 24 September 2008 15:39:08 UTC