WAI process intro

I had a look at the document at http://www.w3.org/WAI/intro/w3c-process

I like the idea of an introduction, but I think it is important to give a  
bit more information about who can comment and what kid of comments are  
welcome - for example, editorial comments from the world are welcome at  
any stage, but at most transitions they may be held over, a last call  
draft has a stricter requirement than others for response to technical  
issues (both on the group and on teh commenter for any follow-up) and on a  
recommendation they can only be adopted in errata used to publish a new  
edition. Likewise, technical comments are not really welcome at all in PR  
stage, and effectively only member comments are invited.

I also like the icons. But I don't like the alt text much. If they are  
going to be used again (and I actually suggest that it is a good idea in  
such a process-driven organisation) then I suggest you change the alt text  
to be the short form of the status label - "WD", "LC", etc - the things  
that people actually talk and write all the time. If you never use them  
again then they are really just decorative when combined with the existing  
text and I would recommend alt="". (This will help with things like making  
them more workable in mobiles and so on, too).

Other than those comments, nice work...



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