[Policy page] clean up inconsistencies on the page

Hello shawn,
In editing the Italy section and comparing to other sections on the policy 
page, I noticed some inconsistencies in the page :

1. Some times some sections include "jurisdiction" like in the France and 
United Kingdom sections. Other sections include "responsible ministry". I 
think we need some cleaning up.
In a previous e-mail you wrote that when no document is available there 
should be a dash after the title "responsible ministry" for example. When 
some documents are available, ther should be no dash.

2. I noticed that in the India section there was a dash after additional 
information although some documents are listed under this section.

3. Some section point to "related documents" such as the Canada section, 
and other don't.



Received on Friday, 16 April 2004 05:07:07 UTC